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Why record at The Gearbox?


The Gearbox is an owner-operated studio that people come to when they care about reaching their goals. We offer both the relaxation and comfort of a home-based project studio as well as the expertise and technical sophistication of a leading world class recording facility. It's the ideal environment to be creative and record your music exactly as you imagined.


The Gearbox combines the best of analog and digital technologies with an arsenal of both vintage and modern gear which includes names like API, Avalon, Apogee, AKG, Neumann, Summit and Toft. All of our equipment is meticulously maintained and updated to always be in top form for our sessions. Basic services include recording, mixing, mastering and sound design. Top session musicians are readily available to perform on your project. The Gearbox can accommodate virtually any size ensemble in our spacious live room, which can be configured in a number of ways.


Gearbox's owner/engineer, Ryan Ball, has been working in the recording industry for over twenty years as a producer, engineer, composer and performer. Ryan's recording credits span many genres including rock, metal, jazz, folk, hip-hop, techno and classical. He has done sessions for corporations like HBO and Clearview Cinemas, produced segments for NPR,  and has worked with many established artists such as My Chemical Romance, Anthrax and Ill Niño just to name a few.


Gearbox's paramount commitment is to the clients' satisfaction. You will leave with a satisfying experience and a competitive, market-ready product.

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